I offer professional editing services for research publications, articles, blogs, website content, and more.
I can also help you figure out what messages resonate most with readers.

My interests lie in food systems, food justice, food access, urbanism, and urban-rural food connections, but I will consider requests on any topic (because it’s good to learn new things!). We can work with an hourly rate or a flat fee — whichever suits your project’s needs.

Send me a message if you’re interested in working together or you have questions, and we can set up a call if you like.

My editing days started way back in high school, when my English teacher selected me for the Writing Club, a peer editing service where I helped my classmates refine their college essays, reports, and practice exams. In college, I joined the copy editing team for our university newspaper.

Today, my editing work ranges from casual to academic to governmental.

I serve as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, which entails assessing a paper’s contribution to the field, integrity of research methods, and clarity of thought and explanation for practical as well as academic audiences. Topics

In my day job as a city planner, I write, copy edit, and ensure consistency and appropriate tone for massive official tomes research reports, legislative proposals, analyses, appendices, and more.

I also have experience in fiction novel editing.