Farmers Market Fund Campaign Stories
Through their Double Up Food Bucks program, Farmers Market Fund matches Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) dollars for low-income shoppers at farmers markets across the state of Oregon. As part of their Willamette Week Give!Guide fundraising campaigns, I wrote profiles of food system participants who benefit from the program, like small-scale vegetable farmers and farmers market managers.

Meet Persephone Farm
Meet Ari, Market Coordinator
Meet Genevieve, beginning farmer
Meet Nicki, beginning farmer


Grant Writing and Fundraising
In 2015, I wrote a grant to fund a self-designed internship working on food access projects in Portland, Oregon, a far fling from my then-home in Charlottesville, Virginia. While in Portland, I wrote a collaborative $250,000 grant to expand the CSA Partnerships for Health program, then in its pilot year, to serve more low-income folks at county health clinics. Today the program is still going strong.

I currently serve on the Board of the Oregon Farmers Markets Association, where I assist the fundraising committee with grant writing for various programs to help farmers markets flourish across the state and work on an update of the organization’s website.

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